Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Farewells is the part of life..

For the first time i have to decided to making farewells. if u ask me question about farewells,, really. I DONT LIKE IT much!!! Especially, the farewells wasn't from the deep inside..  :(
 when i asked the reason, ahy i have to start the farewells into my friend who also had part of farewells, and why i must obey the instruction to making farewells which is i really loved about it,, she sent me some letter..

i do not like farewells ever, but we know if there is no farewells there is no companionship too.

people grow by repeatedly making mistakes,,

we know, just as there are sad farewells,
there are farewells for departures n farewells for facing the futures.

and we know that the only certainty is that separation makes people strong

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